Your child's memories, locked in time

Belly CastingCast In Time reproduces your precious one's hands and feet in a lifelike cast to capture forever their unique and tiny detail. These beautifully presented and individual momentos will be a lasting and priceless reminder of those early years.
Baby hands and feet casts make lovely and unusual gifts for grandparents, godparents and parents. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a gift voucher. For an extra fee home visits can be arranged.

Casting and Framing Options

The hands and feet are hand painted either silver or gold and are mounted on silk or linen before being framed. The silk mounting comes in a variety of impressive colours including black, fuchsia, deep pink, emerald green, bold blue, lime green and burnt orange. Traditional colors such as baby pink, baby blue, cream and navy are also available. The feet are mounted in specifically made shadow boxes which are available in white, black, silver, gold, brush bronze and brush wood or any other frame of your choice.

Bronze resin hands and feet are also available and make fabulous paperweights.

Hands and Feet Casting
Hands and Feet Casting Showcase


I was put in contact with Bindia through a colleague and was highly impressed with her work. The pictures of the plaster casts of the baby's hands and feet on her website do not do her craft or product justice. The framed hands and feet are both classy and beautiful. Bindia has put a lot of attention to detail and the paints she uses as well as the pictures frame and silk matting show her artistic eye. The final "artwork" will not become a piece of junk baby "souvenir" to throw in the attic long after baby is grown up. When my daughter is older, I'm sure she will appreciate and cherish Bindia's plaster cast of her hands and feet. I was equally impressed with Bindia's professionalism and flexibility. She made the whole experience of getting my baby's hands and feet molded a pleasure, and not a chore. I highly recommend Bindia's services to any mother or father!

- Jacqueline Harrington

I am so happy I decided to get my son Lachlan's feet and hand casting done. The results are amazing and such a wonderful memory of this precious time when they are so tiny. I thought it was going to be difficult getting it done, trying to get his hands and feet in plaster without upsetting him but it was so non-invasive that he slept through it all! Bindia was wonderful and very efficient, her passion for what she does is clear from the moment you meet her.

- Beverly Randall

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the cast done and does it hurt?

The hand or foot to be casted must be dampened with water and then placed in the casting mixture for a minute. The process itself is very gentle.  The mixture remains flexible and the hand or foot slides easily out of the mould with no pain or residue.  The mould is used to create a cast.

2. Where do you take the cast?

The casting may be done at our premises in Manhattan, New York or in your home for an additional cost.

3. Is the casting mixture safe?

  • Yes, the casting mixture is an alginate (seaweed-based) substance that is non-toxic and biodegradeable. It is commonly used in by dentists to make teeth impressions and has been specifically designed for taking skin moulds.

4. How long does the mixture stay on for?

The mixture sets within a minute and it doesn't matter if your baby moves or wriggles in that time. An impression will be taken as the mixture sets.

5. How long does the session take?

Approximately 45 minutes from beginning to end. This allows sufficient time for set up and clean up and ensures that your little one is comfortable. At the end of the casting session, the mould is taken away to create the plaster cast.

6. Must I prepare anything in advance?

The nails should be trimmed short. Nothing else as all supplies (ie plastic sheet and materials) are provided.

7. Is it messy?

No! We cover the surrounding area in a plastic sheet and any spilt mixture peels off easily.

8. What are the finishing options?

For framed hands and feet, the color options for the feet are silver and gold. These will be mounted on a variety of silk or linen matting and several frame options are available. Frames may also be customized if desired. The bronze feet are made of a bronze resin and are provided in a gift box.

9. When will the finished product be ready?

The framed product hand finished and framed to your specification will be ready for collection within 2 to 4 weeks; the bronze feet usually take 8 to 12 weeks. Delivery can be arranged for an extra charge.

10. What does it cost and what are your terms of payment?

Prices start at $495. A $200 deposit is required to be paid by credit card at the time of booking and the balance is to be paid in cash, by check or major credit card at the end of the casting session. To pay the deposit, click here.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers may be purchased by credit card payment over the phone. A gift voucher will be mailed to you or the intended recipient within 5 business days of purchase. Please specify if it is required sooner. To purchase a gift voucher, click here.

If you are using a gift voucher, simply provide the code on the gift voucher at the time of booking and present it at the casting session.

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