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Belly Casting Did you ever imagine that your pregnant body would be like this? The changes in one’s body are amazing and a belly cast is a wonderful way of celebrating your pregnancy in an exquisite form of art.

A belly cast may be: a celebration of a first, last or any pregnancy; a statement to your child that their mother was proud and elated to be pregnant; an empowering statement about the beauty of pregnancy; a creative and artistic means for you to express your feelings towards pregnancy and motherhood.

A belly cast makes a unique and personal gift for mummy-to-be; it can be a special experience for her alone, the expectant couple or with her friends at a baby shower. To purchase a gift voucher, click here.


I have to admit I was initially quite nervous doing the pregnancy cast but Bindia was great in making me feel completely relaxed and I really enjoyed the session. I am so happy with the results, the bronze cast looks fantastic and is a wonderful memory for us of my pregnancy. I only wish I had done it for my first child too. I definitely recommend getting it done with Bindia.

- Beverly Randall

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. From the moment I answered my front door for our appointment, you put me at great ease. Take it from someone who is typically a very private woman, I was very nervous about the entire process, yet I didn't have a single moment of hesitation or nervousness, and I must give you and your relaxed and personable self the credit on this account.

Your services, however, take this concept to a new, fresh & innovative league, creating a timeless and brilliant piece of art.  You not only provided an outstanding service and fun maternity experience, but a completed product that my husband and I will treasure for the rest of our lives.  Yet a thought even more exciting to me than just my husband and I enjoying this treasure is thinking about passing it down to our daughter "one day".  You have helped to create our very first priceless and invaluable heirloom. 

- Erin L. Reed (first-time-mom, USA)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is it done?

The casting is done by applying warm plaster strips in several layers to the area to be cast. You may be sat on the edge of a chair if the thigh area is not to be included otherwise you would need to stand. As the cast begins to dry (usually within a few minutes), you will feel it coming away from your body.

2. Will it hurt me?

Definitely not! The area to be cast is covered by you in a layer of Vaseline (which will be provided). This prevents the plaster from sticking to your body.

3. Will it hurt my baby?

Absolutely not! Your baby is free to move around and kick. There is no pressure on the tummy and as the cast dries, it naturally lifts away from the body.

4. Is the casting material safe?

It is totally safe and non-toxic; hospitals use this to cast broken limbs.

5. When should I do it?

The casting is usually done between 28 and 38 weeks of your pregnancy. For later stages in your pregnancy, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you before you go into labor!

Some clients have captured the different stages of the pregnancy by having one or more casts done.

6. I feel shy!

If your breasts are to be part of the cast, these will be covered within minutes so they are no longer exposed. If your upper thighs are to be included, you will be provided with disposable underwear which will be worn throughout the casting so there is little to be shy about!

7. Where can I see real samples?

Samples may be seen at our premises.

8. How long does it take?

The casting takes approximately 40 minutes although the cast begins to dry within a few minutes of application. You will feel the cast detaching from your body as it dries. The whole experience takes between 60 to 90 minutes.

9. Must I stand perfectly still for 40 minutes?

This is not necessary.  Your feet are mobile so as the next strip of plaster is being prepared, you may lift your feet up and down and can even walk around if you need to. You will also have at least one hand free so you can drink and snack too during the casting.

10. Must I prepare anything in advance?

No!  All supplies are provided (including plastic sheets, Vaseline, bowl etc).  All you need is a pregnant BELLY :)

11. Where will you do the casting?

The casting will be done at our premises in Manhattan.

12. Is it messy?

Not really. Any plaster can be wiped up easily and the floors and furniture are covered with plastic sheets.  You will need to take a shower afterwards to remove the Vaseline and any residue.

13. What are the finishing options?

Please look at the "Try It Out" section to select the frame.

14. When will the finished product be ready?

The product hand finished and framed to your specification will be ready for collection within 2 weeks. Delivery and hanging service is available for an extra charge which will be determined by the delivery address.

15. What does it cost and what are your terms of payment?

Prices start at $495. A $200 deposit is required to be paid by credit card at the time of booking and the balance is to be paid in cash, by check or major credit card at the end of the casting session. To pay the deposit, click here.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers may be purchased by credit card payment over the phone. A gift voucher will be mailed to you or the intended recipient within 5 business days of purchase. Please specify if it is required sooner. To purchase a gift voucher, click here.

If you are using a gift voucher, simply provide the code on the gift voucher at the time of booking and present it at the casting session.

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